Thorium Server

Scala 3 microservice Framework
Thorium Framework is a clean & simple microservice framework built on top of Armeria, Scala 3 and Java 17.
Simple, scalable and easy to use, it can be the perfect companion for your next web project.
Less boiler-plating
Thorium minimizes the amount of boiler-plating to get your app up and running. You can write your first controller method in minutes.
Fuss-free setup
Use our Giter8 template to easily bootstrap your web application. Alternatively, if you have an existing sbt project, simply add Thorium as a dependency.
Modern Technologies
Thorium is built using Armeria, Scala 3 and Java 17. We are constantly evolving and updating our stack. Avoid getting stuck on old versions and use the latest technologies now.
Reverse Routing
Simplify refactoring of your routes by using reverse routing. Thorium can help generate URLs dynamically with parameters. Compile-time validation is also available to prevent misconfiguration of routes.
Supporting Libraries
Thorium comes bundled with various Scala 3 libraries to kickstart your web project. Data-mapping library simplifies the form handling process.
Open Source
Licensed under Apache 2.0. Thorium is open-source and fully extensible. Contribute to our project on Github.