Thorium Server


1. Java 17

Make sure Java 17 is installed. To check, use the following command.

java -version

2. sbt

Follow the official guide to install sbt.

Last modified on 08/12/2022, 4:35 pm

Using project template

To create an Thorium project from our official template, run the following command:

sbt new greenfossil/thorium.g8

Sbt will load the template and create the project files in a subdirectory.

Last modified on 07/06/2023, 5:29 pm

Setting up preferred IDE

IntelliJ IDEA has good support for scala sbt projects. Download the IDE here.

Make sure that the SDK is set to Java 17 by navigating to File > Project Structure, and clicking on "Project" tab. The SDK version should appear like below.

To check JRE settings, navigate to File > Settings. The sbt settings should be similar to that in the screenshot below.

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