Thorium Server

What is Thorium?

Thorium is a microservices framework developed on top of Armeria

Using the latest Scala 3.3.0 LTS and Java 17 LTS, it is simple to use and scalable for any projects.

Why use Thorium?

import com.greenfossil.thorium.{*, given}

@main def start: Unit = Server(8080)
       .addService("/", Action(request => "Welcome to Thorium!"))
  • Thorium is built using Armeria, Scala 3 and Java 17 in order to leverage and benefit from their latest features and innovations.
  • Library dependencies are kept to a minimum, 4 external libraries including Armeria and 3 other Thorium supporting libraries.
  • Reverse routing URL are constructed during compile time and the route path arguments are also verified to prevent misconfiguration. 
  • Any code can be written using full featured Scala 3 syntax from routes to HTML rendering using Htmltags. This would allow easy code traceability, refactoring and even debugging.


Check out Thorium's API: Link
Last modified on 07/06/2023, 5:23 pm